Compassion Centers in Rhode Island are similar to what are called Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in other states. A Compassion Center is a non-profit organization registered under the Act that acquires, possesses, cultivates, manufactures, transports, and supplies marijuana to registered qualifying patients or their designated caregivers.

Visiting a Compassion Center

Before visiting a compassion center and purchasing medicinal cannabis, the patient must be a qualifying registered patient with a physician’s written certificate.The registered qualifying patient (or caregiver on the patient’s behalf) must complete the proper form to designate the center as his compassion center. The Department of Health must approve the form before the center can provide the patient with medicinal cannabis.

Starting a Compassion Center

The Compassion Center is required to be registered under the Department of Health with the complete documents, requirements, application form, and the required fee to become operational. The owner/operator must be of legal age with no background of any drug felony offense.


  • Must be a non-profit organization.
  • Must only assist no other but qualifying registered patients or the patients’ registered caregivers.
  • Must not be located within 500 feet from the property line of a private or public school.
  • Must be a resident of the state of Rhode Island.
  • Notification to the Department with the name, address, and date of birth of any new officer, board member, agent, or employee and submit a registration fee.
  • Must implement appropriate security measure to prevent unauthorized entrance into areas containing medical cannabis.

Summit Medical Compassion Center

380 Thomas Jefferson Blvd.
Warwick, RI 02886

(401) 889-3990 / Toll Free: 844-878-6648


Greenleaf Compassion Care Center

1637 Westmain Rd.
Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center

1 Corliss St.
Providence, Rhode Island

(401) 274-1000


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